31 July 2012

Super Antioxidant: Raspberry Soy- milk Smoothie

It has been a while i visit the Giant Hypermarket in Tampines; was there last evening, and it was a craze! I got so excited by the large selections of fruits and vegetables mountains at a very reasonable rate. I think my best hobby gotta be shopping.... in supermarkets!

I grabbed a box of Raspberries, and decided to whip out Raspberry Soy- milk Smoothie the next morning! It is VERY easy to prepare....

1) You'll need.... A handful of Frozen Raspberries ( about 10-15) and a cup of Soy milk
* Freeze the Raspberries overnight

2) Throw everything into a blender

Taaa-daaaah! Here's a Super Anti- oxidant smoothie!

Consume immediately... enjoy!

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