09 July 2012

The gut speaks, we listen.

We've all heard so much about 'gut feeling', but none has actually concretely produce any evidence of it. I personally have many encounters , it always proves itself right.

I don't regard it much as a feeling, rather more like a language. Language, is a mystical tools to transmit messages from one end to the other by various methods.

Our inner gut feeling often tries to appear louder than the analytical mind by hitting us hard in our heart. When this happens, I felt a crunch in my tummy, tightness in my chest, or a surge of inertia that I should clarify with myself before I move further.

The language that our gut tells us something that we refuse to accept that is not in our favour.
The gut does not need others' acknowledgement for its existence, it's just there. The message that it transmit to us, is so private, so sacred that we can't really string that into words or even trying to explain to others. Because, the message is intended solely for us only, not others.

When the gut is speaking, listen. It speaks the truth that we don't believe; it dissolves those lies that we are trying to protect.
When others expect an concrete explanation from you, don't be afraid to tell them, " It's just my Gut Feeling!"

For those who understand you, is in touch with it. For those who don't understand you, no words can explain this inner experience.

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