20 July 2012

Silent mode please!

There was a recent article on Facebook company letting a yoga teacher go, due to the usage of mobile phone by the student during the class. So what was the whoo-haa?

This is probably not just one case face by this yoga teacher in this particular yoga class, its everywhere. Students arriving the class late, repeatedly. Students can't take their eyes off the mobile gadgets. Students uncontrollable chatting. Students coming to class with blank face, left their soul at the work desk. In any class, distraction is everywhere.

When i just started out teaching group classes, especially corporate classes; one of the tough nut to crack. Though the convenient was given to them by getting yoga teacher to travel over to their premises, most of them arrive the class with a very unsettled mind.
Initially, i was very disturbed by how they work with their schedule, being late, mobile rudely rings off in the middle of the class... very eye- sore.

I remember this person in the class, place his blackberry at the top right corner of the mat. Whenever we do a forward bend, he will click on it. I thought it was quite amusing. After talking to the group, understanding what they are facing in their work and culture; i'm actually grateful for them making such effort to the class.

The very first decision we took to sign up for a yoga class, is to feel a glimpse of peace in the chaotic daily routine. Who knows, the actual execution became more challenging than we thought. Unpredictable work schedule, heavy work load, whole day of meetings...

Honestly, if the students want to be disturb during the flow of the class, i would not disturb them. Leave them there to handle their personal issue first; without disturbing the others.
To the yoga teachers, we want as much as possible to create a conducive environment for the students to be in touch with their inner peace. Mobile phone can be our greatest enemy during the class. However, i started to understand that many students step onto the mats in a very un-peaceful state, with a very distracted mind, that's why they are here... to work on their issues.

I used to tag a certain expectation from them. In a yoga class, one should behave this way...... that way..... one should not do this..... do that.... till i realize that i was just another superior of theirs. Nobody is gaining any good.
I learn to let go of such expectation, more problems means more learning; and this is more helpful for all of us.

So how do i deal with the mobile problem?
Before i start any class, i would advise them to silence their mobile (we probably assume that.. duh! shouldn't they? but trust me.... most of them forgot about it. We consciously will silence our mobile before the movie starts, but Not in a yoga class). If there's any emergency call waiting, inform me in advance. Giving them a space and chance to speak first, and we respect our personal priorities.

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