17 July 2012

Meluha & Nagas ( The Good & the Evil)

I recently surprisingly finished two books in one month by Amish, and stretching my neck long for the third book to be out!
Its a Trilogy of Shiva: The first book, The Immortal Of Meluha
                                    The second book, The Secret of the Nagas
After reading them, it sort of welcome me into another perspective.
While most time we tend to be too quick to judge a certain situation, mainly because we are too caught into our own situation.
One part of us want all things to be simply divided with a clear line drawn between the black & white. The other part of us always find ourselves facing the line or the grey muddy situations.

A line from the send book magnify a very interesting idea: What we so- called evil or ugly of something-- is it the end of a pole where the evilness thrive OR is it the destructing result caused that reflects the ugliness of that situation?

Each of us contains the positive & negative, the duality. They co- exist, and there's a purpose for their existence. There are times, i find myself being caught in the negative side, which further allow the ugliness to rise. If i later learn how to shift my attention to the other side, i create space for the positive to take over.
Within this period of transition, is where i understand myself more than ever, where i grow stronger.

Learning how to take the seat of a third- party, and to be just an observer enable us to see things with empathy, rather than being judgmental.

Its not easy to hunt for good books where word messages can be pass down to inspire the people and well- being. It is also only a handful of authors who sees beyond what we see, and knowing how to let us see what we do not see always in printed words.

If there are, these books are worth reading again & passing on the messages. 

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