10 July 2012

Breathe more, breath harder!

As much as that i like backward bending, there are time where i find myself not wanting to attempt any of it. The thought of blood pressure rising, the extra effort of breathing and those uncomfortable crunching of the spine, i pulled myself out like a coward.
Back-bends in the yoga practices depict the ability to open to the future, with great courage; where the heart is being pry open, releasing the tightness of the accumulated fear. If anyone who has attempt back- bending, any back- bends, even the most basic ones--- we do experience the same kind of fear.

This little fear, which has an ability of magnify itself when it reaches the brain--- that weaken our muscles and confidence. The more when we try to open our chest area, somehow there's a resistance force drumming hard into our chest; sort of like punch us down instead.  And in panic, we breathe little or even holding the breath--- which makes it worst.
Breath harder. Not just breath, we need to breath a whole lot more harder; so much that the we can push away those resistance and flip them outwards in flexibility to face the same direction as the heart is.
You will be surprise how much potential inner strength we have, breath harder.

Just like how our physical body in closely related to how we live our life. Each time, we try look into a brighter future, but things don't always work that smoothly. Somehow, there are always a whole bull-strength of resistance pulling us backwards. Breath more, more than we ever can imagine. Breathe is life, only when we have the ability to pump in more life force into us, we keep ourselves going towards the challenges the future is going to throw at us.

Fear is a horrible creature that loves to test our intention. Fear is too a strict teacher who comes in to give us lessons that are hard to learn. Because of fear, we found the power of breathing, our life force. The stronger the fear imposes on us, the more potential we actually have to fight against it. When fear arises, the breathes dissolves them.

I particularly like back-bending, for there's so much commotion is happening; each time i get to experience how my body react to immerse fear, and finding my way through to manage it. Going to back- bending, i learn not to passively await for fear to hit me--- instead being actively releasing them; creating a conducive space for a brighter future.

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