17 July 2012

Dreams: 4-D movie experience

As much as i like diving into bottomless- deep sleep, i love to have dreams too. Dreaming is like watching a movie with a 4-D experience. In dreams, anything is possible... anything can happen; it just me and the characters in the dreams, nobody else.

I remembered seeing a few rainbows in the shapes of globe and new- born birds by window; i love it so much that i didn't want to wake up. There're some frightening ones which i got a gun- shot in my lower back, i didn't dare to move for a long while thought i must be bleeding, and realize that it was a cramp. And multiple dreams of the same dog was chasing me down the real long stair case, and i later met a flying elephant who taught me how to fly.
Some dreams were a collection of events, people or things i consciously thought i've make peace with, but somehow subconsciously, it didn't. Few nights before, i kept getting frightened by the cockroaches along the dark street... in the night,  dreamt of them in super-large size... creepy- crawly!
There were episodes of bad experiences or people that i consciously want to keep away from, puzzled in my own dream when they keep on appearing all night, like advertisements.

I sat on my bed the whole morning in blank, maybe that's my fear that i didn't actually resolve, that i plan to brush them all under a big carpet and pretend their non- existence. Maybe these stuff arises in my dream as a message for me, erm.... to lift up the carpet and honestly clean off those rubbish?!

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