03 July 2012

On the consciousness, Off the fight for rights.

A great line from a book name The Immortals of Meluha authored by Amish. A juicy book that my Hindi teacher insisted that i should read it. Bingo! i'm an addict now...
"..if the entire society was conscious of its duties, nobody would need to fight for their individual rights..." 
This particular line caught my attention, that i re-read again and again. I stopped at this line, close the book, shut my eyes and gave it a good thought while the train was moving like a lullaby tune.

Everyday, on the newspaper booming tons of articles that the society is fighting for in any kind of rights. We practically abuse anything that we have, trust... power... lust.... greed...
Pretty much demoralizing to start the morning everyday reading the newspaper, no wonder so many people are unhappy about their days.

If, if only, we tickle this little conscious that had been hidden so deep under inside us, that we push that button to activate and awaken our consciousness, no fighting will fire up. Fight for rights, is like treating from the symptoms. Touching the connection of our consciousness is treating from the root.

Those who has connect that consciousness, sees it. Those who have not, can't see it.

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