21 June 2012

The Liar Academy Award

The best liar is not only one who can lie, without blinking or stammering;
is not, one who can so convince people that the lies are truth;
is not, one who make sell stories, and others buy them willingly.

The best liar, is one who can lie, without realizing the pricking of the self- consciousness;
is, one who don't even have to lay any effort to convince oneself of the lies;
is, one who don't even know that what lying is, the act of lying is, not knowing one is totally immerse into it;
thus, lies are true lies, taking them as truth, buying ones own story.

One interesting thing is that, all lies are intentional. An intent to lead the convenient way of life. Lying to others is nothing at all; lying to our inner self, to me, is horrible. But one point i realize is, many people do not realize that they are lying. If one realize a lie is sprouting, there one will feel the tension of struggles; if we allow this lies to blossom into hard thorns, we'll then get prick and bleed.

When i mention lying, is not purely just verbal; rather the whole general behavior, speech, pattern of thoughts and action of a person. 
Many, plenty of us don't mean what we say;
don't say what we mean;
don't act upon what we've said;
and every prong goes into opposing direction.
And this person portray as UN- RE-LIAR-BLE.

And the Best Liar Academy Award goes to, one who is so comfortable seeping into the role of a liar, lead the life of a liar, and take his lies as his truth.

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