16 June 2012

Picking a third language- Hindi

I've got a long bucket list! With greatest gratitude my fellow friends, they make it possible for me to strike off my unfulfilled list of desires. Starting this year, i decided to pick up a third language- Hindi. Friends who knows me aren't surprise ( given that i've been travelling to India); families who do not understand me got a jaw- dropping moment.
That's no particular reason why Hindi; or maybe there are many reasons. Planning to explore the other parts of the country other than just Mysore, i reckon a third language should give me a good helping hand.

I seriously want to learn it well and proper. So, i prayed desperately, to get a good teacher ( because every person who post on the site, will say that they are the best. and we all know that most are lies;) ). When i went into this page, this particular name flashed in my face, we emailed and fixed a schedule--- and my hindi teacher is Anuradha... who i see her twice every week.
Basically, because i met an Anu in Mysore, who is a super nice lady. And Anu now sets a very good impression in my head. I thought, this Anu should be good as well. 

Tah- dah! My prayer was sort of answered, our Hindi sessions is going well, till today.
I did not expect that i have to learn how to write! Sort of being forced to cursive my way through the letters and matras. Glad i am surviving well..haha!
In busy time, it can be quite tiring to digest those rules & guidelines of the languages ( Hindi has got so many rules! everything has got masculine and feminine... and its driving me crazy..), but i still look forward to every lesson with her. What's more interesting is that her daughter is a yoga teacher too! We chat and shared about health, life, food ( turned out her family is a vegetarian)...;)

Coming from a Chinese background, i am grateful to be able to know how to write Chinese character the proper way. As i see in today's modern way of learning, students read Chinese article using han yu pin yin method, and not even knowing how to write strokes of the character proper.
That makes me more willing to grill through the scratches in the Hindi class, doing the groundwork.

If you're looking to pick up Hindi like me, check Anu's out:

महान है!

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