03 June 2012

Talking about Rights...ya right.

Sometimes, i don't get it. Pardon me, why are we fighting for problems that are created by us?
Whenever i read about fighting for rights, any sort... it amuses me. 
The existence of human rights was due to the imbalance treatments among the human race, by us the human beings.
The existence of animal rights was due to the unethical treatments to the animals, by us the human beings.
The existence of environmental rights was due to the improper treatment to the nature resources of the habitat that we all are living in, by us the human beings.

Sometimes i thought: What is wrong with us?

Tracking back down to our own race, our allowance of identifying ourselves with differences is stirring whirlpool among us, and breaking us apart. And because we are being treated unequally, we impose this negativity feeling onto animals and the environment. Transferring of emotions. The vicious cycle of " an eye for an eye"... and Gandhi added brilliantly " makes the whole world blind". 

We are really a contradicting group. When half the world is trying to save, the other half happily destructing. When a part of us is in line with our soul, the other part if against it. 

When there is indiscipline ego inflating, there is hunger for power. With power using on others abusively, it creates hatred on the end party. With hatred, drafts a revenge plan. This revenge plan filled with hatred and hunger of power is then used on defenseless animals--- that creates lots of fears in the brink of struggles to death. And in the end, the flesh of the animals enter the human mouths... swallowing their own revenge plan and tummy filled with hatred and fear. Where's the rights?

This is how i see.

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