07 June 2012

Living a life without the fear of being ourselves

Ever since i started to explore the holistic industry, and allowing it to integrate into my life, i've never stop feeling grateful for who i am today. Being in touch with the yogic teachings in my early 20s, always wonder what's had i done previously and what's is that force that i manage to travel to this point. 

At that age, a stage where many of us are entering into the society, and along the way trying to find an identity or create our own identity, so that we can start working on our sort called " career". 

Along the way, i met people with many working experience sharing their part of perceptions. One particular idea i always had people telling me is " When in Rome, do what the Romans do" or things like " if others are doing it, its OK to do it... they are Politically right...", and my next question in my head will pop up, " even when its not morally connect to your principles..? Where do you stand?"

I was living in that buzzy grey area of who's right... and who should i follow? Or was it an excuse for wanting to commit an act, that they are fearful to do it alone but brave enough to do it with many people. I asked many questions, many. I read books, articles, discuss them with my friends and hoping searching for some enlightenment from my teacher.

Through those un- coding my own puzzles, i've do have a clearer view in guiding myself. We have the power to be who we really are, we don't have to borrow or rely on others to be powerful. There in us, is a hidden strength that we fail to see, therefore search and see the strength of others; taking reference to their action as ours. 
To each, we have our own view. Thus the decision lies in our hand, the responsibility we have in molding our life. 

This particular blog post is awesome for living a life without the fear of  being ourselves: 



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