05 June 2012

Want to hear my chatter today's practice?

I woke up early morning today, realizing that it was my Moon Day. So i swapped the usual practice to pranayama. The sun was not out yet, i opened the window to let some morning air in. I sat down on my half- rolled mat, adjusting myself for a comfortable position... and started practice.

I'm not sure if its really the weather was getting hot and humid these days, or is it me. I could practically feel my body temperature rising, and tiny beads of sweat forcing their way our my pores. Ohh my god, its getting hot... should i turn on the fan? hmm... better not... it'll get too noisy with the mechanic turning. Alright, let's just stay on.

Then, i heard my neighbor's alarm clock, beeping so loudly... repeatedly.. continuously. Gosh! Its still early for work, why does he set the alarm at such time. Each beep is like hitting on my red button. There goes my quiet morning. Ok, will you please at least wake up to turn it off...! Come on, lets  listen to the nice ujjayi breaths instead, the beeping went further and softer.

Cheep cheep cheeeeep! Oh, what's... the birds are awake now?! If you are hungry, go look for worms elsewhere...  by chirping your lungs out will not get the worm flying into your mouth. Worms don't fly, remember? Oh, now you've woken the cats... i suggest you birdies to get your morning meal somewhere, else you'll become a breakfast set.

Ok, i still have my breathing practice to go on. Nice... lastly that's the only thing i want to listen to. My own breathing. The only thing i was to get in tune with, and slowly i felt inside my head it goes into a relax mode. Almost like getting a high on caffeine ( will not forget getting high on Vietnamese mocha last week, not recommended to drink before work...).
My body got cooler slowly and my legs was totally numb... i couldn't be bothered to move it, let it be.
Behind my close lids, i could see the rising sun... from darkness to light.
Breathing practice to me, has been always a test of my patience and tolerance. Because by regardless anything that is happening outside the window, however much i want to peep and look... i know that i have my own work to attend to.  Yes, theoretically we say that a practice is beautiful when its smooth sailing, and undisturbed.

But practically, a practice is more beautiful when there's attempts of disturbance, distractions and verge of giving all up. It is more amazing, when we have the ability to draw strength from within, pull  ourselves back into place and enjoy the rest of the ride.

Its a good morning practice, still!

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