19 June 2012

The Filtration System

This morning on the way to a class, my sleepy eyes was still dry, shoved myself into a cab and prepare to catch up a little more sleep on the road. The cab uncle started chatting, and i replied in short. and he talked more; complaining about how hard his life was, and wish he could have more money and live like a rich man. Who literally told me that having an LV bag will surely make him a happier man.
Reassuring that his view was right, he sort of pressing me to agree with him.
By that time, i woke up completely, and disagreed with him politely... and we had a good morning discussion.

Given the same situation one year ago, i would have flare up ridiculously... or feel that fire burning in my stomach ( which i've no idea why). I used to wonder, why would people ever thread on these thoughts, is that all what they see, is that all what they care? The kind of clothes, shoes, bags, fashion, house, activity, food...And i always find myself debating and into arguments. Because i don't understand, i can't see the big picture of the operation of life--- i see only mine.

Slowly, i am learning, to see things with many different angles. This morning situation has again made me ponder upon some thoughts.We are like a bunch of sands, stones and rocks--- being put on a filtration system. After we past through the first layer, we need to make our way through the second, and the subsequent filters. Some stays on the first layer, while some has already experience through multiple filtering. In order to pass through the layers, we have to create friction, break ourselves into small particles and continue the journey.

We are all born at a different level of filtration layer. I was caught in one of the layers, and assuming that is only one.Till i stepped out and realize i was also going through filtering in just one of the multiple layers of the whole system.

The uncle sees other happiness and sees only his sorrows, thinking that others' happiness can make him happy. I told him, he is smiling when he told me about his family; if he magnify this moment of his life, he is a happy man:) 

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