26 July 2012

Breathing a Cool Summer!

Easy way to cool breathing, one of my favorite!

Step 1: Choose your preferred option:

Roll you tongue. If you can't, no worries... you have the next option
Show off you teeth!

Step 2: Imagine you just ate a very spicy hot curry!

Take a long fast speed inhale through the mouth. ( feel the cool air rushing in)
A complete exhale through the nostrils. ( feel the warm air flowing out)

Practice at least 5 minutes or 30 breaths for effect.

Step 3: Do it safely!

Its a very safe practice for most people, however if you have lungs related issues ( asthma, bronchitis, hyperventilation...) please practice with a certified teacher.

Do this practice INDOORS ONLY with little dust in the environment.

Lastly, happy cooling!

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