02 August 2012

Differentiate, not Separate.

The very first time when i heard this voice from a podcast, my ears were sort of attracted to it. Who is this man with such a nice voice... it's Deepak Chopra! The way he speaks makes me feels so at ease and grounded, a voice that'll get you want to listen to it more.

i was watching this interview on YouTube by Deepak Chopra, he mentioned " We differentiate, not Separate". He took the example of the function of our body DNA, which every cell is differentiated and allocated to play different roles to create a body; and any separation of the cells... a complete body would not have exists.

Many questions that i did not know i would ever inquiry appears. There are many events, ideas, people and things in our life we do not agree with, that does not runs in line with our own truth, that seems like they are functioning by themselves as a separate entity, that we never would want to deviate our own principle to join them, or having them to disturb us. But it doesn't work this way, living and non- living, every element and atom is responsible for an universe.

Our idea of wanting to separate and break away, is when cruelty and hatred starts; because we did not know how to differentiate. Rather, we draw a line and separate ourselves from those we could not agree with. And because we separate, we unconsciously behave hostility towards them.

Being able to differentiate, is learning to respect every one's presence in this whole space that we are sharing. There are times we're agreeable; eventually when we grow at a different pace, our thoughts have change, our behavior has change, our values are different, we live by different principles, because the truth we sees is not the same anymore.

We move away, from the past and travel to another space that allow us to grow. That doesn't mean we cut off and disregards the past circles. Respect, we learn how to respect different people who takes up  different role at a different time, in the different stage of life at their designated space. Take a zoom out view, we'll see that no matter where we're at, we're co- exist as part of the creation of the whole.

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