05 August 2012

SunDay= Sunny + Day

When i was young, i always thought Sunday was the last day of the week, & Monday was the beginning of the week. Because i heard how the adults sighed with... " Oh Sunday's ending and Monday is coming..!"
I then realized that Sunday is the beginning of the week.
That sounds so much better, Sunny + Day = SunDay!

Years ago, i blew my Sunday away by tugging under the blanket, and get really lazy the whole day. Which... does made my Monday blues -...-

Have a great kick start in the first day of the week, a celebration of another on- coming week ahead! I spend my sunny time with a group of yogis; i really appreciate the effort they made to climb out of their morning lazy bone, and coming to learn something about themselves every week!

I've a friend said he Grow Fat on Sunday by eating, some exercise to get some fresh air, some catching up their sleep, some doing housework, some packing for short getaway to recharge.... It doesn't matter!
So long as.... the day Ended to Begin a better next!

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