31 August 2012

Addictions, am letting you go!

Whoo! Am back!
Haven't been logging into my blog for a while since the very last post on headstand. I've been trying to juggle my schedule; receiving messages from clients returning to town, up & ready to be back on the mat! 
Been attending Hindi classes, and the homework more, and my tongue seems to tangle between English, Mandarin, Singlish, Hindi and some other dialects...

I bumped into many people, who i did not remember. Couple of previous clients i once taught them, are appearing in front of me again. The lady who was in my very first pre-natal class ( and later she gave birth, so i could not recognized her at all) who later was sitting beside me cleaning up her nails in the manicure shop--- TWICE!! The expat housewife who i thought of sending her an email, called me up on the same day.

Suddenly, i thought i was experiencing " What's comes around, goes around". Yes, and the world is indeed small; we never know who we'll be meeting on the street in any random day. That's quite a fate right?

The other some stuffs that have really been keeping me busy, rather distracted--- my various addictions! For weeks, i was addicted to the game Temple Run, addicted to Sunsilk Academy show ( introduced by my sis), addicted to a late night Korean Drama ( introduced by my mum); 
Which i feel tired in the day, and then....
addicted to Hot Chocolate ( Starbucks still makes the best Hot Chocolate!) and Peppermint Tea, phew!

I've been surfing these addictions and thought i should calm the waves soon. So, i've decided to let go of the game, and watch half the korean drama... for now. 

Come to think, that we all have all kinds of little addiction at some points of our days. And yes, all of each addiction reflects some unfulfilled issues personally, so we tag on something to at least make us feel better. Being addictive to anything, is not good... i felt that. Its the unwilling to let go, grabbing onto the comfort zone like a koala bear... eventually we'll get drained and tired. 

Other than Hot chocolate and peppermint drink in a cool weather like today, i'm bidding goodbyes to all other addictions;)

What's your addictions now?

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