07 September 2012

A Kapha morning, sleepy practice.

Honestly, do i wake up every morning happily, eagerly and enthusiastically to meet my yoga mat? How i wish, but no. Somedays, i take 1 minute from my bed to the hall to roll out the mat. Somedays... quite a handful.... more than just a handful of days, like today, i took 2 hours and finally crawling out from the room and to the hall.

In Ayuvedic point of view, the dosha ( type) in the morning was very Kapha ( heavy & cooling). I woke up shutting my alarm, and fell back to sleep, snoozing every 15- 30minutes to keep track of how long i can steal to snuggle in such a cool morning.

2 hours! i fought for 2 hours! And finally appearing on the mat, with eyes closed, half asleep. The first few rounds of sun salutation was like "Zero calories"; i kept telling myself that i just have to keep moving to start my engine ( like how we need to warm up the engine of the car). Soon after, i felt my energy spiraling upwards, the heat swelling up the under skin, and sweats finally were bursting out from the pores.
I slowly open my eyes, and the practice kept going.

" Phew, i woke up now" I thought.
When on the path of yoga, we may discover many amazing things to surprise ourselves. Attending yoga classes was never a problem for me, always readily to hop onto the mat in the class. As time goes by, when the practice some how become so routinized, reaching a plateau, when all my enthusiasm has all burnt out, with so many things happening in my life that was dragging me away from the mat;

The time when i feel like giving all up, i'll always remember what most yoga teachers out there said,
" Just keep going for the one last bit."
When we feel like everything around us is falling apart, whether we are confused, lost of identity or down; just keep appearing on the mat, no matter how long we've to fight the inertia, the laziness, the hesitation.

Quoting from the yoga sutra: sthira sukham asanum 
Literally can be read as: steady and comfortable pose ( soul)

Putting aside the physical aspect of a regular yoga practice keeps us away from bodily illnesses, that one should be taking the practice and working with the body to reach a steady and comfortable physical  position.

Beaming into the spiritual aspect of the practice, with regular practice inwardly; slowly slowly we start to grasp the idea of being able to be mentally firm enough, emotionally strong enough and spiritually healthy enough to NOT to be shaken by the forever changing condition of the external.

Being aware but totally not affected or shaken by the drastic circumstances; with firmness yet gentleness, the soul (we) seats comfortably in the centre of our self, staying grounded always.

Easier said than done, i know. Every lesson is learn when we know how to draw positivity out from negative situation.

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