14 September 2012

Speaking to your teacher.

Don't be taken in by the " always smiling" face of the person adjusting you in a yoga class. My little fallacy of yoga teachers are always happy shattered when i become one. I too, find myself smiling once i step in front of the class; even i may have a bad day. Am i faking it?

Nope, haven't a time i have to force a fake smile to the class. I appreciate their presence, and always glad that i am there. Every student who choose to appear on the mat out from their schedule, or every yoga teacher appearing at the podium is indifference. We are all back up tons of everyday issues, worries, fears, anxieties, angers, hatred---- yearning to enjoy a little peace of mind on the mat.

Many student, like i used to think that yoga teachers are " God Almighty", who are living in their little heaven as they sing " Om peace peace peace". Not really in actual fact, i would say rather they have learn how to manage the the ever changing society. Flipping negative to positive vibes from the external world, by maintaining the equilibrium of the internal world.

Sometimes, it took us a while just to realize that we are at a loss. Till the level i realized i was pushing my own button, till i see that i am running in a pattern. There is a inner voice trying to communicate, but i didn't seem to understand its language. It can be quite frustrating, just like parents not understand baby language  -- and the poor kid can just go on crying.

Like how i always asked my students if there's any question they are free to approach me. It takes a little bit of courage to approach a teacher ( maybe its just me), some students are too shy to do that. I understand that it'l be very helpful and beneficial for both parties; i do encourage questions flowing in from the students.

As Yoga teacher to the students, i'm still a student of life. I feel that its very important for yoga teachers to be courageous enough to talk to someone who can guide us forward. That we are still learning, making mistakes, maybe self- inflicting pains; while we're busying managing all those stuff, we need a teacher to give us a pinch so that we learn.

Eventually, i got a chance to speak to my teacher, Master Paalu. Honestly, it can be quite intimidating speaking to him sometimes; he has this two sharp bionic eyes which seems like being capable of seeing through anybody, including me. I feel like i shrink, sitting in front of him; because he can sees me better than i can see myself, and this frightens me, a lot.

Speaking to my teacher, nothing is sweet nor bitter to my ears. I would describe his words as " super- organic", very raw. To me, visiting guru is a essential part of the learning journey. It enables me to re-connct to the source i may have lost. If we got burnt by playing with fire and pains teach us a lesson; gurus are those who teach us how to put fire into good use with wisdom.

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