21 September 2012

Breaking your own perception.

I had a hands- on talk with a group of retailers ( who started to complain how long they have to stand during work), sharing with them how simple breathing and movements they can practice independently to reduce their stress level. Just in the first half of the talk, an aunty told me openly, " my friend did yoga yesterday and her whole body aching in pain leh!" Trying to get some supporters around her that yoga = to body pain. Nobody bothered. I quickly acknowledge her view and continued with the rest. Ironically, she participated enthusiastically too.

At the end of the session, while on my way out to the exit, a participant grabbed my arms. She too, said openly that she had finally relieved her back pain after the sessions, that acted up from last night.
 " Wha, this yoga stretches really works for me leh!".
Later in the day, i met up an old friend, while he shared with me on a self- help course he signed up       ( which coincidentally in the same week, my Hindi teacher talked to me about it too!).  One main topic was on "Perception". How we need to shattered all those thick- skinned of perception, which we layered over the years; which is essential for each of us to decide our next step, unpolluted thoughts.

We tend to live a life through the perception of others, living according to their views, expectations, memories, their plans... we want to live their lives for them. We live through their anger, their fear, their happiness, their achievements... Why? We are so attached to the perception, that we keep getting stuck in their blurry and dusty lens. We couldn't get a clear view of our own plan.

Take my encounter as an example. The first aunty already had a perception of yoga practice was pain, which even before she started doing it, which she took the impression from her friend's experience. She couldn't hold her viewpoint strong enough when none agreed with her, that she was too very unsure about it herself. So, she gladly did it.

And thus, her own experience had broken her own perception, after the whole event.

Everyone has their ownstruggles, their own challenges, and a different path that they chose to get to where they are. ~ Marc and Angel

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