08 August 2012

Because... i was distracted.

Something occurred to me when my practice did not happen smoothly as expected, i started to doubt and question myself. The same primary series practice which i've been doing for quite a while, that i could not flick it out of my head; but for the last few weeks, i find it draggy to flow through it. Why?

I became i real blame s**t. I blamed that the drilling in the opposite void deck is too distracting, i blame that the cars along the street, i blamed the garang guni ( rag- and -bone man) should stop shouting for business, i blamed that my body is too heavy....
It was every time when i reach badha konasana Butterfly pose, i got really really distracted, and gave in to the struggle.
Once, i manage to get a quiet two hours slot for my practice; am alone at home, the windows are shut... everything should be quite fine. But no! after the same pose, i realized that the loudest distraction was my mind. Old memories did not only flow, they gushed out... and i watched how it successfully halted me to a stop.
I knew nobody was to blame for the distractions, but myself.
I was actually tired from the same old trick i trick myself into; so, i got off the mat, and went for a cold shower. I talked myself through... for whatever was appearing and happening. It sounds crazy, but i did.
Cold shower really works... try it:)!

This time, i did my practice while my sis was having her dinner. I could hear the clinking of the plates and chomping from her mouth. Hungrily yet peacefully, the practice was breezy that evening:)

Practicing yoga is like reading a worthy book, again and again. The story never change, but in every time you revisit those pages again, you learn something new, gain a different insights.

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