15 August 2012

A headstand a day, keeps the troubles away!

I fell in love with Shoulder stand ( one reason for my addiction to yoga), till i met the Headstand.
It was name as the King of all poses; one will not believe it until one experience it.

Besides the numerous benefits it offers, i am amazed by the calming effect of the pose. If anyone ask me how to release the tightness wrapping around their head and the tension behind the mask of their face--- i'll recommend the Headstand.

It was a requirement to learn the headstand in order to get certified. Whether its really important, i'm glad my teacher push us to that corner.
Like many people, the thought of getting into that inversion was never possible, never!
I fell many many times, and i learnt to pick up and try again.
I got distracted many may times, and i learnt to focus.
I panicked many many times, and i learnt to be more brave.
I got so frustrated many many times, and i learnt to be patient.

Half way through the course, i saw people flipping up-side down independently... and i was still falling everywhere. As the exam date drew nearer, i got so desperate. I read books and researched on the Youtube, woke up 10 minutes earlier every morning, to at least get use in inversion. I learnt the importance of a good foundation, ground work. Few days before the exam, i got it! Other than being excited, headstand gives me a prolong joy.

While some day can be really draining, when doubts and troubles hit like thunderstorm. The first thing i think of is Headstand. The pose has since become a counselor, a doctor, a teacher, a soulmate that i can connect with. If i have a bad sleep, and a full practice was real challenge.... i will just flip up a headstand.
Allowing the blood to fill up my mind, for at least 5 minutes or 50 breathes; and lie back down for a short relaxation ( the relaxation feel deep and short, but every time when i open my eyes, i realized one hour had passed!) . There is a gradual coolness running under my skin, the calmness in my head that makes it impossible for me to think about anything; but to just lie down and be present.

All problems root from the mind, and shall be dissolve through the mind.

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