02 December 2013

How do you make a blind man see?

How do you make a blind man see?

Sometimes, it just almost automatically, that i want to correct things that doesn't seems correct to me.
When the correction didn't happen the way i expected, i feel frustration. Mostly with myself for not being able to understand the situations within me.

I'd long come to terms that we can neither control the external environment nor the people around us--- i had learn to respect the space each of us are living in and not forcing my suggestions into people's throats.

Whenever i'm fussed up by the disturbances from people, Shirly always reminded me that everyone we meet is there to teach us some lesson we had yet learn.
I could agree to that at some point, but honestly--- i've to admit that there are some lessons i have not got the capacity to learn now, maybe much later.

When i was at my early stage of teaching, i couldn't understand why some students reject the help they asked--- yet the constant complaint about the issue they are facing.

Why can't they see the potential bigger issue if they don't do something about it right now?
Why when they know the solution, why closed both eyes pretending they didn't know about it?
How can they life in fake comforts with so much pain hugging on them?
Why do the choose to have no choice, when there are so many?

Over the years, as i grow in various roles, i realized the importance of widening my perspective.
Every thing that are happening-- is neutral. We have the ability to see it as a positive or negative. And that decision emote how we response.

Everyone told me-- " Ignorance is bliss".
I believed them.

One person crossed my path, told me -- " Ignorance is bliss, till life gets you."
And i grow.

How can we make a blind man see, if he enjoy being blind?
How do we make someone eat, if he refused to open his mouth?

I learn a huge lesson during my recent trip in Bali.
While all the time i thought i was the problem, yes i was the problem.

I do have to comes term with myself-- to accept what i see as sufferings in others, even though i feel its not right. 
Learning to respect that people do enjoy being in darkness, bleeding in injuries, living in denials or letting themselves slide downhill. 

That I'm am still a human with limitations. I have to honor my limitation, or i'll have to prepare for injuries. I respect my space and do whatever i can within my capacity. And finally, free my hands off whatever has to happen. 

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