29 December 2013

When not to believe yourself.

As there are time to believe yourself, there are time to disbelieve yourself... 

There comes the time, 
When i live enough with busy people,
I was starting to believe that, 
there's not such a thing as

We are just vessels in operation, 
to run the the daily routine,
as perfect as possible.

I was walking on the edge of self- conflict-ion;
in any second, falling into my own trap of believe,
that those humanity tales,
are just old folks stories?

Else, why don't i see them on the streets?

Soon, i'm beginning to believe that
good people are coming to an extinction.
This is the time,
the crucial time that i chose not to believe myself.

This is the time, 
i make an extra effort to pull down all
curtains of judgments,
opens all doors and windows of mine.

The time when i felt darkness was engulfing my whole,
when i see that darkness is how the world moves.
I learn not believe myself,
and i noted the stars,
the moon spoke to me, long enough
that the sun appear from the horizon
and broke through the darkness. 

And lives happen once again. 

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