10 December 2013

This is how my yoga practice makes HER worry less:)

Really, no matter what age we are at, mum always got something to worry about.
I would usually briefly note mum about my travel plan--- so the scene of mother hen looking for her missing chick frantically will not happen.

Previous years she would never fail to display her unhappiness for my India travel plan.
" mum, i'll be in India for XX months"
" Oh, you better be very careful of the Indians, the news always report....."

" mum, i'll be going to Bangkok myself"
" Oh, Thailand not very safe, there are riots, the Thai can be quite violent, the news reported yesterday..."

" mum, i'm going malaysia"
" Oh, malaysia politics very unstable, and news reported the malaysian..."

" mum i'll be gone for Bali"
" Ah, indonesia very complicated, why you always go this type of dusty places.."
" Not Jarkata, Bali got lots of fresh air.."

" mum, i'm going diving at XX"
" Is it safe, the water not very safe these days.. are there sharks, there are fishes will bite.."

" mum, i'm going to HK myself next week, not at home for XX days"
" Ah! eh... you be careful.. Hongkong got a lot of robbery and murdering cases"

" Mum, last night Little India has got riot, so we should not stay in Singapore, its not safe anymore.."

Sometimes, i thought. If i were to be an obedient girl to my parents ( which i'm obviously not), i would have missed out so much fun and life experiences.

So, sometimes... maybe most times, i choose not to listen to my parents. For so much investment they had put into our education, i believed i have the ability to make my own decisions and capability to uphold any responsible of those choices.

Once master Paalu, my teacher said how our role as children will switch as we grow. Which in turn, we are slowly taking over the role of being a parents to our aging parents.

I had been thinking, how should we serve our duty as children--- so that parents can worry less...
i mean, they will worry anyway, but maybe lesser..?

For so many times as my mum has been teasing, objecting and even disgusted by the choices i made--- But, one day, she mentioned a line which gave me a reassurance that i'm not too of a bad kid..

I was in the midst of my practice in the living room...

" I don't have to worry about adeline. I know she can take care of herself."
Because, she was actually the one who witness my practice most of the time at home-- shocked by the amount of sweat i can spill,  keeping quiet with an wide eyes when i fell hard missing my balance.

Her words actually fell on me like sparkling dust from heaven.
Great for me, because the last thing i want to give my parents as a grown up kid-- is not to worry about me. They shouldn't.

For all those "unsafe" activities of mine in her eyes, actually makes her less worry about me!

Independency, its another word for freedom. 
I enjoy the feeling of freedom with self- discipline;
Thus my creativity is alive in such a space.

This, i really have to thank yoga practice for teaching me so much about life. 

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