23 December 2013

All i want for X'mas is this and that.

Yesterday morning after my practice, i lay down on my mat for a while reflecting my journey of 2013.

Event after event i recalled-- it's been great actually, for all these while i've been surrounded by good people, really good people who just popped up whenever i thought i met my end--- some are already close to me and surprisingly most appeared as strangers then friend.

They are my angels, their inspirations juice out just by how comfortable they are being themselves.
Along the way in busy days, we can easily get caught into trying to fit into boxes of categorization that people tagged. I do develop a constant awareness to unbox myself--- because i don't want to live my life according to others'.

I just attended a lovely wedding of a friend that i met once during his travel to Singapore, and at his wedding was the second time i met him. Many people asked why did i even go all the way to Hongkong for someone not considered a close friend? 

Upon receiving his invitation, my first reply to myself was " i'll go". Then somehow the mind started to contribute its reasoning and analyzing... which i hesitated for a while.
Why shouldn't i? So, i booked my flight and went. 

I was caught into surprise when questioned, all i knew was that he is one good hearted person who inspired me-- and i appreciated this friendship. And i got into couple of deep conversations with the people there, which was very valuable to me. 

This year i had my fair share of living spontaneously, with those impromptu activities and solo travels. It has been a rich year so far, and i wouldn't just stop right here... more to come!

Just few steps away from X'mas and i have an ocean of wishes, but i'm going to ask Santa for just three drops of it:)

First drop... I wish for my blessings to all the good people around me for they can continue to expand their good vibration to more people.

Second drop... I wish for my blessings to all the difficult people i've met for one day they will meet the one angel that could touch  their heart, just how i'd been touched by some.

Third drop... I wish for my blessings to myself, so i can share my sparkling dust upon the people i meet along the way of the many steps ahead.

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