04 December 2013

Too juicy, maybe?

Take all our actions with courage!

Picking up the choice of following the lineage of Ashtanga practice has never been easy for me physically. But fortunately, the map of the practice has been interesting enough to keep me wanting to explore more & more.

While majority of the Ashtangis come in lengthy, lean and slim bodies ( somehow this type of athlete body are more attracted to such practice)--- i belong to the minority.

I can be, i have to be crudely honest with myself:
I don't have a lengthy body, my parents gave me a shorter version. My thighs are chunky than most Ashtangis out there.

My body is not naturally flexible-- but i do have a soft body... that's because my avoidance of any vigorous exercises when i was a kid-- no chance for the my muscles to tighten.

I never enjoy sweating, until i had my love at first sight with Ashtanga--- sweat gland has become my another best friend.

I started Ashtanga with zero strength; that i would curse and swear where the heaven those inner strength teachers mentioned was about.

Because of my "compressed" body, i struggled in the practice all the time--- i constantly have to find space around my body so i could finally get into those pretzel twisting posture.

Been doing the pull back and jump through umpteenth times, and my toes still fall to the mat. i've stopped blaming my arms for being too short or my bums are just too heavy to lift--- i'll be very patient with myself on this area of practice.

Honestly, in recent years, i started to appreciate the structure of my body--- i am fleshy, and yes i like the way it is.

Quoting from Prem: We need to have Ojas, you know.. the juiciness in our body.
How to identify--- a fleshy bum!

Loving my ojas!

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