29 November 2013

No breath, no life. Be with it.

Where's the God in yoga?
Somebody asked me.

When i just started my practice years back, i would be constantly searching for the God.
Its must be hiding somewhere, and when i find God, i'll be in peace forever.
Thinking back today, i guess i've a better personal understanding about such a big word.

I'm not really keen to use the word "God", because its very much misleading; given how loosely it has been interpreted in books. While some may be sensitive towards seeing it as religious practice-- and creating unnecessary misunderstanding.

As my practice goes along, i could be less bothered of how the 'God' should look like, how i should keep it in my mind or even seeing it as a separate body.

Slowly, i find myself integrating such universal energy, just by being with my breaths. That's all.
I don't know if there's "god", what i can see now is breath is everything--- its practically life.
Being more patient now, standing on my mat, observing my own practice in action--- i'm willing to appreciate my breaths more.

Experiencing the flow of the breaths, is experiencing the reality of life.
All those debating on where's "god"...... just breathe.

In Ashtanga world, we often hear " Practice, and all is coming"
I totally agree so. 
As action speaks louder than words; many abstract forms can be understand only at different stage of our personal practice. 
Without going through those inner- experiences, the knowledge will never be understand completely.

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