12 November 2013

Conference by David Williams-- the man who brought the torch from East to West.

Selamat pagi peeps!

I've finally gotten some time after my practice to doing some writing today.

Its the 3rd day of the Ashtanga Yoga Conference in Ubud, its has been really a good eye-opener for me. Meeting the groups of hippies teachers who rocks on since the 70s till today--- meeting the pioneer batch of students of Sri K Pattabhi Jois was just like a dream came true--- and of course Manju Jois ( son of guruji); who i thought i could only watch them through the Youtube.

" i want to be healthy and happy, but when i looked at the people around me.. they are getting sick and senile. Oh, i don't want to be like this.!"

Yesterday, David Williams had a great talk in the long afternoon, inspiring indeed!
This man, i swear to god, can't believe my eyes that he's already 68-- he must be lying-- those smooth skin, strong & loud voice and those vibrancy in his eyes.

The westerners have to thank him for introducing such ancient practice all the way from India. What really touches me is his constant integrity for living a life he wants to-- that one quest when he was a boy, that sets him up in a adventure, even until today!

He once came to a cross- road, the options to return to the city or to travel into the unknown.
" Once i stepped into the city of London, i said--- oh my god! Let's turned back and go India. I rather die in India than going back to a structure and squarish city life."

There's this magic bus he hoped on--- journey to the East!
And so, he did... way out in search of what this whole practice is all about.

I've never really read up about David Williams before-- after listening to his long long life stories--
how many people can invest whole life long of commitment, and goes on to expand the benefits of it to the rest of the community. Not many.

Whoever that is still practicing on the mat, i'm sure they had experience the " ah- ha" moment-- and we want to dig the well of nectar more and more. David Williams showed us, not only we want to taste the sweetness of the nectar-- we want to dig it more to share it with the others too.

" Yoga is a life long practice, you want to keep it happy and simple. Not hard and tough. So that you can always want to return to your mat everyday, for your whole life. Let's practice, and hold that little smile in your heart, and smile."

This morning practice was funny, Annie Pace was say loudly " in the practice, even Man will become Boy!"  True to that, no matter how tough or brute strong or hard we thought we should be or are, yoga just has the ability bring the gentleness within us. 

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