17 November 2013

Just by showing up in life.

As the Yoga Conference had just come to an end, i've been sorting out information in the little space of my hemispheres. Getting in touch with the other practitioners and teachers, has definitely open up my perspective of approach towards life with the supporting system of the yoga practice.

In the opening speech from first day of the conference, Prem voiced out his appreciation for his understanding how " not easy" and effort for everyone to actually appear for this event. Be it financial, making free time off from work & family and environmental condition--- there's a common reason that we ( different people) made our way to that huge pavilion.

We can always give as much reasons for not doing, but we just need one reason of conviction for doing . Seeing how the Filipinos group fought their way through the bad weather in their hometown; and the delayed operation from the airport, they still made it to the conference.

Along the conference as each teacher got the chance to share with us their stories that makes them who they are today--- i see one thing in common--- While each individual path is different, and challenging in their own way, the teachers never bother much about the many obstacles ( expectation from financial stability, time, work, friends and families).

Just by bringing focus on one thing, just one thought--- that guided them through all the so- called obstacles--- and today.. pretty much unemployed and happy.

And those knowledge and wisdom that appeared during the practice, has somehow taken care of their whole life. Faith (shraddha), falling into something, surrendering totally into it without knowing what it has to offer.

While in Singapore, i'm pretty much exposed to the yoga scene of commercial and physically focused on the postures. Sometimes, i do get lost into the delusions of having to keep up with all the others. That the more physically advanced postures we can do, the more "advanced" we will be.

Among the many Ashtangi teachers with full- bodied practice over the decades; here they emphasized never on the postures besides proper alignment of the physical practice. That reminded me that foundation work and a grounded practice is utmost essential.

What i received, is the importance of breath work during such dynamic practice, so we can access to the healing elements from the practice.

Healing, its a healing process; not a competition.
This happens over time of committed practice; not a problem solver in a snap of fingers.
We change for a better; not necessarily comfortable during the evolution.

As practice goes by, our priorities change. Clarity in mind and making better choices and decisions in life.

~ Mark Darby 

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