13 November 2013

Conference by Danny Paradise: The yogi that teaches by invitations

I've never know who's Danny Paradise, if not for this conference-- or maybe i've heard his name somewhere, but not really read much about it.

Seen his photo somewhere, just one impression--- the man with a fluffy curly hair with the hair band ringing around his head. Colorful & fanciful.
Very quiet person, at least among the many teachers in this event.

In one of the morning practice, he was the first teacher that asked permission to adjust me--- which i rejected him due to my leg is still in the process of recovering ( its going well:) ).

Today in the 3rd day of the conference, Danny Paradise shared his story the whole of afternoon, that caught the audience's attention. I was pleasantly surprised by his great sense of humor, that lightens such heavy topics we were in.

" The more yoga you do, the more unemployed you'll be"... pretty true. Not because you'll become a yoga teacher, just that we begin to realized what we love to do, get into it--- and not a day we're working ( any type of engagement).

What really got him into this practice--- the method for healing. He later explained how the brain frequency behaves when we do yoga. Savasana ( corpse pose, the last resting pose in every practice) is utmost important -- not advisable to skip it, because that's when all the magic happens.

During the resting pose ( about 15mins)  after the vigorous practice, in the deeper level of relaxation, the brain waves slowly moves into teta state-- that's when the healing process starts--- and this increases our perceptions and creativity seeps in.

While the mind likes to follow rule---runs in linear;  but life follows the flow of nature in fluidity.

Sharing that his practice wasn't as rigid it " should" be, rather " approach the practice appropriately on that day, because everyday is different, endless changes. Be very aware of what's going on each day--- that's how we learn to be in present."

Many ashtangis enter the practice as if wanting to complete levels and level of challenges, by fighting through poses by poses, series by series. We can unconsciously forget the whole idea of the practice is not a competition--- its to experience the essence of healing; that hold the vitality throughout our life gracefully.

" I've woken up numerous time feeling old, i've honored that!"
~ D.P
* if you practice yoga, you'll get the humor :)

After the afternoon talk by him, i was so drawn to his humbleness. I had a sudden urge, and went up to him. Stood in front of him and asked " Can i hug you?". Very generously, he gave me a big hug:)
I didn't think too much about it, i just wanted to..!

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