01 May 2013

The Pandora Box- A box that can't close, once opened.

手不要坏, 去掀开不想看的东西!

This is one line i will remind myself harshly if i get too curious, if i keep on digging into stuff that does not lift me up, but drags me down.
Being quite a curious person, i always have more than a handful of questions, that brings me to hunt for more. The more i know, does not necessarily answer my questions. Sometime it become even questionable. After a while, i feel that this is not good, i need to know when to stop digging too much.

Have you been in situations when you so much wanted to know but yet being afraid of knowing it?
If one go ahead to find it all out, one may fall into the struggles of emotion, when we are actually not ready to comprehend it.

Here, i am not supporting the idea of " ignorance is bliss"( someone said " ignorance is bliss, till it get you") . There are knowledge we ought to be expose to; and there are informations which we shouldn't even be bothered about.

There are knowledge that triggers your desire, pulling us into traps of maya (delusions), tangling about in struggles. There are knowledge that lead us out of these commotions. How to differentiate it?

Personally, i would ask a second question.
" How is this search of curiosity going to benefit me?"

As mentioning about benefits, i'm not referring to materially/ physical  benefits, or taking some goods from the others. The benefits refers to our general well- being, at least for self- knowledge and learning;
Does acquiring this certain information makes me a wiser person? I'm i ready to accept whatever that i am going to uncover?

Wanting to know too much is not a bad thing. I would rather prefer to say that, information should be uncovered at the right time, so that it can bring us to uncover the next lesson.

Don't be too greedy to know too much. When too much information flows in at one go, one may not be able to understand and comprehend the intent message, and thus may misunderstood and act upon it in ignorance.

This post is triggered by an Art event i attended last evening. There' was this visual and sound display, where the visual effect was drawn "live" on the screen. Random strokes by the artist. It took me a while to understand what the artist was trying to do. Subtly, i made it out a box, a hand and a little girl coming out of the box. And i thought of the Pandora Box.

We all know about the concept of Pandora Box. I am the person who like to open the boxes. Later to learn that once the box is opened, it can't be closed. The tales that flows out of the box is unstoppable. While i was the one who decided to open it, sometimes i just have to force myself to accept the unacceptable. 
Being a little wiser, a little less greedy now, i do want to take more responsibility of the chosen box that i decide to open. 

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