12 April 2013

Have a little MORE faith in practice with injuries.

Just few months back, when I finally got my right shoulder fix ( after all those hectic traveling, my body was reacting for my negligence of carrying heavy stuff). Soon after, recent weeks back, I strained it again! If it was in the past, I would have been really frustrated with myself; this time I was a little patient. I knew how and why I strained it, it was part of my responsiblity for letting it to happen.

My self practice was affected, I was cautious about using too much of my right shoulder, too careful.. That I got distracted. And my whole practice was all about, " is this too much for the shoulder? I think I felt something weird going on, I better stop.."

I reckon most of the stuff were made up by my mind, to avoid the strain.

Soon after I realized when I was not really reliable with my own practice, I attended practices with a teacher in the shala, Monica. While in my first practice with her, she was very strict. While I was trying to lift myself up after supta kumasana ( turtle pose); where there a transition from bakasana ( crow pose) and shooting the legs back to chaturanga ( low plank).

In my first attempt, I habitually let my one feet down to take off some weight from my shoulders ( which was sort of like playing cheat). Monica caught me!

She stood by my side and told to to transit without my feet touching the mat at all time; which means there will be one point that am resting my whole body weight on my tricep ( back upper arms).

When in my 3rd attempt, I was forced to break that habit for fearing too much about the strain. I lift, that moment, only on the right of my whole shoulder, I felt like it was on fire. I consciously kept my feet off the mat ( because I doubt I've extra strength left for the 4th attempt, I must pull it through this time); the heat was engulfing the strain ( imagine applying tons f yoko yoko);

I really thought there goes my shoulder, I probably need to make an appointment with my chiropractor after class.

Know what? Something did really happen, the dull strain on my shoulder ( that has naughtily trying to torture me) has gone! Finished!
It took me while to recall what has happened. And till today, I've a pair of happy shoulders:)

Why would I even have doubt it?

When our body got into some sort of injuries or disease, we automatically stop trusting the healing power of our body. We doubt it, because we thought some part of us is imperfect, is flawed, is spoilt.
But I was wrong. Our body stronger than we thought, more reliable than we assumed..
The part when we thought it broke down; just needed some repair and maintaineance.

It was my first experience that the practice put what was not to what's right.
I am grateful that I did not choose to avoid my practice altogether; otherwise I would not have discover the magical healing power of our body through the practice.
Thanks Monica for scrutinizing:)!

" What doesn't kill us makes us stronger"...got to vouch for this quote! 

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