05 May 2013

Should i turn Left or Right? ( after corpse pose)

Should i turn to the left or right after resting in savasana ( corpse pose)?
This is one question i've been wondering for a long long time, that i read up and managed to dig out some answers that satisfy me.

Now, in turn, many students came up to me asking me the same question.
Why some teachers make us turn to the right, and some turn to the left? Which is better?
Which is the correct one?
Both are good for its own purpose. Both are correct. 
There's is always a purpose to a decision to an act. We just have to learn about it, and use it appropriately.

For my case ( i'm not too sure about other teachers though, they may have other reasons),

If i'm leading morning classes, that my intention is to make the student feels more energetic throughout the day--- i will suggest resting on the right side before getting up.
It is also suitable for people who has low BP.

If i'm taking a evening classes, with the intention to promotes calmness for the night rest--- i will suggest resting on the left side.
It is also suitable for people with high BP & during pregnancy.

A very general guideline:

Right side of our body governs the Yang ( masculine/ sun) flow of the energy in the body. Creating heat, and makes one feel energetic & active when promoted.

Left side governs the Yin ( feminine/ moon) flow of energy in the body. Promotes cooling & calming and passiveness of the body.

When looking into the a more scientific angle,

Our heart is located more on the left side of the body.

When we lie down on the right side ( which means that the ground is further from the heart) , the BP will rise slightly, due to the extra effort for the heart to pump the blood to the heart against the gravity position.

When we lie down on the left side ( means that the heart is closer to the ground), the BP will drop slightly; as we are on the side where the blood will flow down towards the heart with the gravity.
Much lesser work is needed to be done.
That is why most doctor will recommend pregnant ladies to rest on the left side ( because they get chest tightness, and chances of high BP is more than normal body condition)

* You can try using a BP machines, and check out your pressure while resting on both sides

While there's no one position is the best. Yin & Yang, Left & Right--- they operate hand in hand, interdependently.

If one do not have major medical condition, its not a big question on deciding which side to rest one.

Otherwise, do check it out with your teacher, whichever side that can better improve or manage your body condition:)

Happy resting!

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