28 May 2013

Everyone deserves.

Over the yoga workshop i was attending during this trip, the teacher mentioned
" Everyone wants happiness, and everyone deserves to be happy." 

Which is not untrue at all!

Ask any one who succumbed to yoga practice, after trying all sorts of other methods trying to find the point of being happy; everyone who enter the yoga room, with an intention to travel to a spot of comfort-ness, an intention to be happy and a state of blissfulness.

Many people may walked out of the practice room carrying couple of muscles aches ( that may last for days even!); but i'm sure, they will be glowing from the inside ( an feeling of unknown joy) smiling.
While we are busying searching for the things that we want to depend on to me a happier being, yoga practice tells us " its already here". We are sort of blind in some way.

In the journey of entering into the yoga world, we starts to uncover many "ugly" issues of ourselves. Be it, the unexpected conditions of our flesh or the turbulences of emotion we are trying to manage daily; we learn how to love all of them as well; because it part of us.

We need to appreciate ourselves, that includes our flaws too! 
Many times, we tend to put ourselves down by comparing our flaws with others. But come to think of it, who doesn't have flaws? We just have different flaws.

The workshop was physically challenging, which forced us to really keep our focus tight enough to keep moving forward. Anyone could have just throw a white flag and walk out of the class, but no one did.
While the tough got tougher, students in the room started to talk about how their bodies or inexperience of practice years hasn't been helpful for certain movements or poses.
Which by talking more of these, would eventually pull down their own morale.

The teacher ( Ajay) emphasized on the point that everyone has to accept and love whatever bodily conditions their parents gave them. No matter what, we are beautiful in our own way. Our body is a machines that we need it to operate our task, that's why its important for us to maintain it properly for better function.
To any teachers, achieving the final pose is never the most important task. The sturdy foundation has to be there, and constant progression of hard work are what matter. Everyone is different, some people starts early, some late; it doesn't matter at all... so long as we started doing something now. Now.

A sharp mind has a clear vision, sees little but reality truth. 
A mind clouded by perceptions, see a lot, but deluded tricks. 

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