05 May 2013

Angry. So what?

I blew my top. The other day.
Not really, but i'm at the edge of blowing it off over the phone.
Honestly, i didn't like it. It did not to make me feel any better throughout the whole day.

My cheque was over-dued for weeks & the other side of the person who i was working with ( not shirly of course!) was trying to smoke me out. We had not met before, but we have business deals. 
If i had a little more space, i would have make a choice to be a LITTLE more patient.

Anger, however may be noted as a highly negative emotions, it is still living inside us.
As much as when my anger was starting to engulf me, i was very aware to let it exit somewhere out of me; and keep things as objective as possible. ( maybe i was too blunt to the person over the phone, but i ended off with a big "thank you", which i would not have done so before).

I practice detachment, i did.
Right after we ended the conversation, i stopped thinking about it, and moved on to other stuff.

Guilty? Nope.
There's nothing to be guilty about being angry, just like being happy.
Every emotion that we felt & expressed, has after effects.
Anger, did not have good after effects, because i was pretty drained out that day.
Nevertheless, it reminded me of how realistic of our present life is.

How little things that are happening daily can easily spark and stir our emotions.

Surely, yoga practices definitely has not make me lost my ability to feel happy, sad or angry.
The practice has been teaching me to manage my boundaries, and fast- recovery from the shakes of sentimental.

Many people hold an impressions that people who are involve in any yoga practices ( especially yoga teachers), are "suppose" to be kind, loving, tender, calm & cool. 
But we are not pushovers.
Definitely not your best choice to mess with. 
Yes, we can better manage than we were before; but we are managing our struggles in life just like everyone.

As much as i try to keep my own boundary clean, i respect yours too.
If you step over me with your dirty shoes, i'll pull your hair!

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