23 May 2013

Important to practice with a teacher?

I met this student, who was just making a short visit to Singapore; we managed to have 2 classes before we parted. And it was one of the interesting session i'd with her.
It so happened that she wanted to do Ashtanga, and i happened to be teaching it too!

Sometimes i questioned myself, " Do i really need to practice with a teacher? When i can do my own self practice at home?"
Yes, at some level, i do need a teacher to lead me forward.

During the practice with this student, i pointed out some changes of habits in her practice; or even broken down the posture with a chunk of explanation, so that she understand the whole idea of some complicated poses.

Mentally, she understood me. But hands- on, physically the same old pattern was still happening.
I remembered i sat beside her, and repeatedly correcting her physically to check out her own blind- spot in the practice. She did it !
We had a discussion about not having to rush into any complicated pose, unless the foundation is properly done. When things becomes too complicated, we can't spot the root of the problem. Keep it simple, one step at a time & make it right.
Impatience in the practice will surely lead to injury. And being patience becomes the toughest practice of all.

Which in turn a recollection of my questions that my purpose of practicing with teacher, is still essential to me. Because i realized i can't see my own blind spot, that's pulling me back from going forward.
There are always some area in us that we can keep making small effort to be better.

The presence of a sharped- minded teacher is truly a blessing to the student.
Sometimes when we clouded by doubts for the beliefs in our own incapability, a teacher is there to show us how to flip the situation over.

There are so many ways to do a thing, keeping an open mind to the teacher who willingly share their experiences & methods; no harm trying it, it may just work!

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