23 May 2013

Being too comfortable in modification, leads to complacency.

As the other opposite end of an impatient practice ( i mentioned in the previous pos), is being too comfortable in modifications ( unless there are injuries).

While there are some poses looks like a twisted donut, and others looks simply like a folded book. Each person has their own room for improvements.
When facing challenges from our physical condition ( tight muscles, stiff joints or lack of strength), we can start off with the modified version of the end result.
But, when we start to set into the comfort zone of the modification, we become stagnant.
We become too laid back with the practice, and the mind will be lazy & lethargic.
This is not good.

Because, this physical pattern will then tell your mind to live in just the area of your own limitation. And we lock ourselves in mentally to our own little world. We will forget there's still the possibilities for miracles, for freedom in the open minded sky.

When handling a modification, we need to maintain a strong & focus mind to keep moving closer to the actual pose. Then our mind will become stronger, and our physical becomes more stable. Its not about reaching the targeted pose, its about doing more for yourself to be better.

Know what you are doing now is going to bring you somewhere, not no-where. 

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