15 October 2013

Yoga teaching is an easy job? Say it again.

Whoever that conveniently says yoga teaching is a stress-free and easy job, i'll mentally dong your head with my spatula. Sometimes this gets on my nerves...not always,  just sometimes.

The best part was when some make it worst with those few occasions they checking out the rates i'm charging each class and the number of classes i'm teaching, calculated my assumed salary of a yoga teacher.
And thanks for the conclusion with " Wow, you must be very rich with such an easy job!"

The bench mark of being a successful yoga teacher varies.
I'm generally not too concern with how many numbers of students i've taught; i'm more appreciative with how many student i'd actually helped. 

I've been in corporate life, though not too long, long enough for me to realize that's not my cup of tea. Been there, done that. 

Do understand my instant jump into this yoga wagon definitely has swirled me into endless uncertainties & insecurities. If you want to talk about stable income, CPF contribution, bonus & list of corporate enhancement--- i don't have any of them. 

Those yoga posters you see along the street, that glamorous, gracefulness & serenity... don't be silly... that's for advertisement purposes. Go into the studio, you'll see messed up hairdo, trembling muscles, distorted facial & sweaty bodies... not forgetting about the mixture of body smell. 

Yoga teaching, a glamorous job? Think again
The glamor probably happens only at the entering into the class & standing in front of the students.

- We ended our work day by mid-day, because we started our day when you're still snoozing in sweet dreams.

- Doing our practice is not a kind of luxurious hobby; its us taking lessons through self-practice. 

-Our private practice is actually a challenge we are lifting to explore our range of emotions actively. And like you, we are still in the process of learning to be a better person in difficult situation. 

- Touching and physical adjustments of the your bodies, with different mode of strength control, uses a lot of our energy. 

- While one side of our brain is generating the right vocabulary of verbal instructions, the other side of our brain is busy accessing and generating methods to help your aliments.

- Whatever words that comes out from our mouth and our head is not on the same time. Usually, we need the mind to be at least two steps ahead of what your ears received. 

- Though we are looking at one direction, but in fact, we have been trained to have a " third" eye implanted at the back of our head. So, whatever you do behind our back, we saw it. 

- All our senses ( except taste) has to operate fully to read you. By the sight of your facial expression, listening to your breathing, smelling your body scent and touching the reaction of your flesh-- we actually rapidly generate a brief report your problems. And quickly follow by approached to rectify them.

- And finally, the sweat on our skin and clothes, are a mixture sweats from you.

Inclusively of the above, i still like what i'm doing. Its never ever relax job, but the fact that i enjoy everything about it.... its worth my time and attention i put into it. 

Getting into the practice of yoga & getting into teaching of yoga--- are two separate matter. 
One who enjoy the practice, may not enjoy the teaching. 
One who wants to teach, has to be dedicated to the practice.  

I don't start teaching only when i'm in the field of yoga. Basically, i like teaching.. if i like the subject well enough. In school days, i've already given the opportunities to explore my skills of teaching---
my time in the music bands over 8 years or even teaching my classmates accounting subject.

Yoga just happened to be one of the subject that i'm intensely curious in, therefore scooping deeper into the subject. 

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