10 October 2013

Words have power, what do you read?

For the past 21 years for who i know myself, reading is never in my activity list... and book is never my friend. But i love hiding in the library, because i enjoy the silence. I used to stroll along bookshelves, gazing past the book spine, reading the title under my breath.

Which ever that caught my attention, i would just slot it out with my index, a quick look at the book cover, and slot it back into position. That's all.

Only recent years, i started to get into a habit of reading--- instead of engaging into too much gossips or useless conversations, i would rather have conversation with good authors. I've quit reading too much newspapers & magazines these days; because they messed up our thoughts and the way we think. The manipulation of the media is too much to handle.
Honestly, newspapers should be a medium for us to know whats happening in the public and around us; not to inject unnecessary anger, anxiety and fear in our mind. Seriously, 80% of the news are magnifying the negatives of other's people life, and people loves reading it--- not knowing that subconsciously we are affected by it.

Even if i do read them, i finished browsing through less than 5 minutes-- just the photos and the headlines.
Every write up has a power to influence our thought, and i want to at least get influence by the right stuff that can improve my life, not degrading of my character.

Books are like friends, we do need to choose them wisely too.
Friends are not just human, books are not just words. They carry ideas & message that has the power to mould us.

We give what we had received. We can either emit messages of empowerment or words of destruction. It depends on what we choose to fill the capacity of knowledge with. I never used to give a second look for those pages filled with words, but i do now.... because they are worth it.

On a side note... i'm not a bookworm.
Besides those yoga related and anatomy books which can be very dry at times, there's some great and inspiring writer i love... here are some of my favorite picks:

All the titles by Mitch Albom;

Alchemist, Like the Flowing River, Warrior of Lights, The Devil & Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho;

Maturity, Love by Osho;

All titles by Robin Sharma.

Currently i'm checking out Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins :)

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