11 October 2013

The magical moment during savasana.

Have you been into the state of that magical moment of stillness during your time in savasana?
This short period will happen only a solid focused practice is done before taking this rest.

When finally i reached the last pose, sweats droplets sliding down to hair ends & body soaking wet... i lay down comfortably flat on the mat.

Trying to catch every breath, as my body soften part by part after each exhalation, my heart beats taking its sweet time to slow down.... i closed my eyes. I was too tired anyway to think about any other stuff, just to allow my thoughts settle on the base of my mind.

I could still hear the clock ticking, the birds chirping repeatedly outside the window...
Soon, those surrounding sounds seems to move further and further away from me;
at the same time, i was moving closer and closer towards myself.
Its a stranger feeling--- i sort of then understand the phrase " moving inwards to yourself"... it felt this way.
Slowly, i was also moving away from the gentle flow of my breathes. It was getting more shallow then before... and finally, it ceased. Everything stops for a while, the emptiness that people had been talking about seems like this. The body and mind felt like hovering few centimeter above the ground. I guess i must have been holding my breath, but i felt no pressure at all... everything weightless.

This moment, happens only for that short while. Nothing had ever made me enter into this state other than a good savasana. The in between slot of awake and sleep.

And suddenly, i took a deep inhale, amazing feeling... that immediately reminded me of the burst of life, the appreciation of being alive, the light of hopes. That one inhalation, pulled me back to reality again.

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