18 October 2013

Equilibrium on duality.

Duality. We are all living by it.

In the case of being judgmental, too many. Almost automatically, so quickly what the mind tell us, we take it as the true. 
Think again, maybe not.

If we allow space for some questions, the judgmental statement will be shaken, may lost its ground and slide over to the other end. 
That's too a judgment.

Whatever situation that we arrive upon on, both personally or from others, we start to generate a quick self conversation of "good" & " bad".
We associate such words according to our personal experience and understanding; which may be in another case for the others. 

I'm originally has a very indecisive mind. Give me two choices, i can easily categorize as " like" or " don't like", " good" or "bad", " yes" or " no".

Give me more choices, i'll start to fiddle around that many options, and my self judging system will breakdown. And i'll start to ask many questions of elimination and so on... eventually, all options becomes neutral to me. 

We pass judgement everyday, so long there are choices we need to make, we judge. Even buying apples. While some people think dull skin apple is fresher, others says waxed and shiny ones are better.
No matter what, it is the truth at that time; until something else reveals.  
Behind all these haggling, there's one truth. 

Of course for me, i can easily pass judgements as if i'm drinking water. But i always falls on different  sides in different situations. Sometimes i like the morning rain when i don't have to teach any class; sometimes i don't like it when i've to be on the street. 
For this, i realize i'm not judging the rain as bad or good. 

I'm judging my experience at that time, and i'm the experiencer. 
Self- judgement doesn't makes my mood any better, if i allow it to swing to different point-- i fluctuate with it. Its just another form of re assurance, a matter of our insecurity.

By having constant judging, it makes us feel "correct" or " incorrect".
But so what? Why do we need to get affected by it? How much time we have been using to straddle between these two side?


The point when we see things, people and events as it is. There's no positive and negative, not even neutral. Like a lemon is sour, there's nothing much to be picky about its sweetness. 
Learning to see through the layers of sheaths of ourselves, at the same time, we starts to understand the nature of a person. 

Hands off clean of dualities, we stand at the point of equilibrium as the pendulum keeps on swinging on its own. 

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