02 October 2013

Just on a side note:)

Life, its a funny game. Sometime i don't know if i'm playing the game, or i'm being played on.
The time when i feel i'm in full control--- i'm playing the game. The time when i'm knocked down--- its playing me.

Through the practice of yoga, it has sort of reveals layers and layers of issues, that i've been stuffing right at the bottom, hide it well so that i don't get to see it-- and it wouldn't affect me. But that's not so much of the case, what i didn't realize, or being sensitive to was that the practice actually makes me, locating those roots and seeds these past issues.

I was scared, very. But i didn't know how to verbalize or rationalize it in proper words. I just felt it churning in inferno inside me.

The good thing about the whole practice is, on the other hand--- i'm also given some tools and knowledge before hand to handle this up coming issues. If i were few years younger, i would have lose my grip and swirl into the mess again.

We down fall bottomlessly-- we don't. There's always a pit somewhere, and when we touch the pit.. the only way is up.

When we reached a stage where nothing make sense anymore, flip the table over. We set the rules, and they play the game. 

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