21 August 2013

What a Beautiful Moon-day!

Whether its full or crescent, moon has never fail to keep me staring at it.

When i was still a young girl, i was amused by how i can spot the moon no matter where i go.
I would climb around in the car with my sisters, from window to window while my father was driving us home, checking out if the moon was following us home.
" Ehhh... the moon is going to Tampines with us..!"
Once, during the mid- autumn festival, after reading the legend about Jade Rabbit living in the moon with Chang Er; we would stay up till late, grab the best binoculars at home, and super zoomed into the moon. Being silly, we convinced one another that there was indeed a rabbit in the moon.

Till today, while walking on the street, i would unknowingly stare at the moon. Or even just stop walking, stand on the spot, and take some time to stare at the moon--- how comforting!

I love how a dark night would become exceptional mesmerizing when the moonlight shines on the surface of the sea. What a view!

Because of the sun, we see the moon. 
Behind the  flowing beauty of the moon, is the energy given by the sun. 
Similarly, the reflection of our beauty, is keeping the burning core inside us. Agni. 

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