18 August 2013

Teacher, don't be lazy leh!

Today, before the start of practice, we were having a quick discussion on my plan to stop the class for the year. When i mentioned that i may take an early break, no necessarily going for a long vacation this year; but just taking a breather for myself--- i thought the they will be happy about the early break. ( you know, like schools student yearn for holiday)

I was surprisingly wrong when someone voiced out, " Teacher, don't be lazy leh, you got to continue teaching the class.!" 

I laughed. What?! Did i just hear that? 

This group of iron ladies came together randomly with varieties:
Frozen shoulders... knees issues... muscles growth imbalance...scoliosis... super stiff spine..
One thing that i never heard from them was: a word of discouragement. They just keep trying, giving time and space for themselves and their body to change.

Good things are happening, i can see that as touch and adjust each of them. 
It did take a long time ( not 1 or 2... at least 3 years) for the body to response to the practice, slowly but surely.  

It was a great thing that i did learn from them for not disabling themselves from the practice. 

Ironically, while many students takes the role of receiving, and the teacher takes the role of giving---- think again, as a teacher in a practice room--- i am a student in front of so many teachers.

Every body, is a case study for me. Are opportunities for me to learn more, to increase my knowledge-- that i may not get it that personally from books. So, who's the teacher now?

They are all working people, with work and family. At least, the minimum of once a week commitment is all we can give ourselves. Its good enough!
It take just 4% of our time daily for an hour of practice, doesn't sound too much of an investment isn't it?

 Someone told me the need to get themselves more flexible first before they are ready to attend yoga practice... ... ... ( not knowing what to say). How do we learn how to walk? By walking itself!

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