28 August 2013

The bigger questions in life?

Have you ever have some fleeting moments when you start asking the bigger question in regards to life? I reckon i started asking myself some of the bigger questions when i started to enjoy free time.

When i say free time, its really free.

Chances when i could sit in a cafe, staring blank at the people rushing up and down the street; when everything through my eyes started to slow down to a pause. During this halt, the bigger questions in life started to interest me. Sometimes, i could even sit for an hour, of doing nothing.

When i say bigger questions, i refer to those questions that answers are not found in books, and the level of understanding of the answers vary at different stage of my life, through different mouths.
Why is it essential to take out some time from busy routine for these questions?
At least to me, these questions increases the value of life itself; that makes me appreciate the whole idea of mine and the others'  existence. Discovering the value of each life force beyond price tags.

We do know that not everybody is ready or aware of these bigger questions. Its all about timing, the time when we are open to schedule in free time of " just doing nothing", the questions will flow in naturally. 

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