20 August 2013

Should we practice Ashtanga when we're unwell? I did.

Should we practice if we feel unwell?
Hmmm... by right, we should stay in bed and take rest. But i went to the opposite.

I was having a bad cold for two nights, and finally a slight fever last night. While i did manage to get some hours of peaceful rest, until my nasal was totally blocked & felt the body heat increases--- i woke up at 5am.

Still considering whether if i should pack up for practice, which i did make it to the studio in the end ( since i could not get back to rest). I spend almost 30 minutes in the bathroom on Jala & Sutra Neti to clear the horrible blockage. Thumbs up! It works!

Though some teachers advised to avoid ashtanga practice during fever time, due that the practice is heating; i'm glad i actually did it. I guessed i'd poured out a pool of sweat more than usual---- but the heavy perspiration did help to relieve the heaviness in my head and released the heat from my body.

To prevent myself from dehydration & building up of the heat---- i gulped down watermelon & coconut water immediately; and followed by a cold morning shower to bring down my body temperature.

So, did i feel better? Gladly i did:)

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