07 August 2013

Just by being soft, is strong.

Today is a moon day, and in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, we take a day rest off from the regular practice. Its not a strict rule, just a guideline--- i mean, nothing really bad is going to befall if a full practice is done on moon days.

So, instead of slumping in my bed the whole morning, hoping the tightness & soreness will melt away by itself; i decided to dedicate today's practice just to stretch, nothing else.
Given the strong practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa method, i felt my body has been going through war zone these couple of weeks.

Top- up with a hectic schedule, i do felt the tension creeping into my--- which sometimes i mistook it as gaining strength. The difference between strength & tensed up is TIRED. 

In some way or another, all of us has forgotten the feeling of being soft. 
Taking 75minutes of my time, I got into a couple of very simple stretches, and it got deeper by holding each pose for at least 5 minutes.

And during that period, i enjoyed how the muscle fibers being elongated and then loosen; creating spaces in betweens. Just like how a lump of dough is being rolled, pulled and finally strung into noodle stripes.

The feeling of being soft is wonderful--- its not a sign of weak. Softness allows us to enter an area to be in touch with the core strength & tap into the potential of ourselves.

Just like liquid water can quench our thirst smoothly but not solid ice cubes--- and the difference is MELTING INO SOFTNESS.

Not forgetting to wrapped up the practice with a beautiful Butterfly hip- opening --- which serves a purpose of release any well- hidden anxieties & emotions;

Fish chest- opening--- that well served the idea of expanding the chest area, opening the heart center, readily receive the uplifting energy that the universal has to offer our life.
And of course, take some rest for the all time favorite: Savasana

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