12 December 2012


Thank Good Its Moonday!

Daily morning practice has been going more smoothly, and more intensely this week. Every practice, very thankful that i do get my drop- back adjusted; if no Sharath himself, it'll be Saraswati ( sharath's mother) or Adam ( student assistant). The first couple of day, i felt all is good... not too sore in the muscles.

Today, this morning, my heart is thumping hard, i was making effort to take long, deep breathing before diving down into the back bend. Adam was stand in front of my, hands lightly touching my lumber spine, as i crossed my arms in front of my chest and swung up and down three times.
With the last deep breath, i dropped back and dangle both of my arms in the mid- air.

Adam gripped my both wrists and led my arms so that i can grabbed my own ankles firmly. I quickly root my heels down, and i could feel my front thighs burning, my butt is heat up, and as much as i can stay in that position, i breath as if my chest was going to explode. No thought could intrude into my mind, accept to breathe.

At the 5th breath, i sprung up slowly, and a train of thoughts entered my mind. While i was making my way to a seated forward bend, and Adam was pressing me from the back to release the soreness... in that 10 breaths of forward bend...i thought:
" Oh gosh, i need a nap... i want some ice blended coffee, i want green tea latte from Starbucks, i need a hot oil massage, i want chocolate, i want coconut water, i just want to do nothing and sleep!"

Phew! Tomorrow is moon day, we get a day rest from the practice. And i'm going to try out the castor oil bath from one of the Ayuvedic Spa here. This is a traditional practice the local do every weekend and moon day. Let's see if i'll like it:)

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