10 December 2012

Lift up your head and enjoy the view:)

Standing at the rooftop last night, lifted my head, looking up to the sky in a dark night. “ Whaoo….” I exclaimed silently. Yes, I exclaimed. Because back home, the night is too bright for the stars to be seen, the buildings are too tall for the sky to reveal itself. For once, I felt the muscles in my eyes started to relax.

First, I was looking at the brightest star, slowly; I see a lot other stars twinkling just as brightly.  Some were neatly in a row, like how close friends are; some are randomly being there independently. Then, I see more stars gradually appearing, filling up every space the sky has.
While keeping my eyes busy looking for the next star that twinkles; there’s a funny kind of calmness residing inside me.  And this feeling very much reminds me of how yoga comes about to me personally--- getting busy with it yet a sense of tranquility is in there.

 Ok, let’s not just say yoga…. Let’s say basically when we are in a stage of researching  more of ourselves.

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